Product details

Documents: CE, FDA, ISO 13485

Brand Name: TRN MedTeks

Model No : TRN MT-DNSMFM001

Model No : TRN MT-DSMFM002

Product Name: Disposable None- Sterile and Sterile Medical Ultrasonic Face Mask

Use: Type IIR - EN14683 masks are suitable for situations where patient or workplace blood and / or body fluids pose a risk to healthcare workers.

Material: SMS, PP non-woven face mask

Classification: Class I, Class Is

Type: II R

Color: White, blue ,medical green

Material info: Spunbond, Meltblown, Made from Spunbond PP fabric Medical face mask to protect against infecFous diseases for healthcare professionals and paFents.

Type IIR - EN14683, the technical data are:

• Splash-proof layer protection against blood and body fluids

• High filter capacity

• Easy breathing

• The adjustable nose wire, flexible and so{, fits the face perfectly.

• Mask with elastic rubber

• Breathable, makes breathing easier.

• Anti-pilling, 3 layers and 3 layers / wrinkles.

• Does not contain latex

• Sterile or non-sterile

• Disposable

• Each product is individually packaged.

• Max box content 50 pcs

Tests: EN 14683, ASTIM F2100-19

EN 14683: This standard covers the manufacturing, design, performance requirements and test methods for medical face masks designed to limit the transmission of infectious substances from staff to patients during surgical procedures and in other medical sesngs with similar requirements.

ASTM F2100: Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks The following baseline medical face mask performance per

ASTM F2100 standard

- Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE),

- Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE),

- Fluid resistance,

- Pressure difference (Delta P)

Medical face mask - Type IIR - Medium splash protection

Protecting health care workers and patients from infectious diseases


TRN MedTeks Medical face masks :

• More comfort and functionality,

• Provides so{ness and sweat absorption

• Provides extra space between the lips and the mask for beWer breathing and is skin-friendly

• Reduces leakage and offers a higher filter capacity

• Splash-proof layer

• Developed for surgery and use in situations where there is a risk of splashing

Also ideal for dental applications

Medical face masks prevent large particles (e.g. saliva, mucus) consumed by the user from reaching the patient or the work environment.


• Improving infection control

• Prevention of cross contamination risk

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