Our Human Resources Department has the necessary opportunities and environment to bring together excited and dynamic people who have the personality and educational infrastructure that can share the values ​​of our company, who adapt quickly to change, who are at peace with themselves and their surroundings, who adopt continuous development, and who are happy, productive and creative. aims to provide.

Tek Kullanımlık Maskeler

Our HR Policy

To place the right person for the right job according to qualifications and needs, to provide our employees with a continuous training and self-development environment, to plan and develop individuals' careers in line with the needs of the organization, to create a preferred working environment by implementing practices for employee motivation, age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, to ensure equal working opportunities regardless of the situation, religion, political approach and physical condition, to respect people and the environment by focusing on ensuring Occupational Health and Safety and protecting our natural environment, to develop systems to prevent work accidents, to increase cooperation with our employees, to increase our cooperation with our employees, to prioritize the factor, to be structured in a way to intervene in emergencies, to always be transparent to our customers in our practices.

Tek Kullanımlık Maskeler

Open Positions

Friends who want to work at TRN MedTex tell us;
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Other people who want to apply for a job to TRN MedTex can come to our factory and fill out the job application form directly. All applications made to our company through the website are examined by us.